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    News till now:

Saturday, 8th September 2001

    We are currently working on the new version of Motorhead Tools 2002, Alpha 9.0. The new build will contain many enhancements and some minor bug fixes. The main program's interface has been resorted. Some additions to other programs can easily found.

Engineer is probably the final version (hopefully)

Ghost Editor needs a new resorted interface

HelpCentral is new bug-free

Main Program is a goody as always :-)

Server Monitor is probably the final version

Horn Editor is 99,9999999999999% the final version

Bookmark Editor and Control Editor too....

And now we will have to start working on the rest tools....:

FineTuner, Car Editor, AI Editor, Server Editor.


Tuesday, 3rd July 2001

    We have the first alpha release of Motorhead Tools 2002. It will be named Alpha 3.0 Public Preview because 1.0 and 2.0 existed even though you don't know :-). You won't have to worry about any kind of runtime files, because they are included. the installation will be easy, since we have included an installation procedure. Some information:

Motorhead Engineer works 100%

Motorhead Ghost Editor works 100%

Motorhead Tools 2002 Main Program works 100%

Motorhead Horn Editor can only create new horn files

Motorhead Bookmark Editor can only create new bookmark files

Motorhead Control Editor can only create new control sets

Motorhead FineTuner is only for interface testing

Motorhead Server Monitor only monitors servers

Motorhead Server Editor is not included

Motorhead Car Editor is not included

Motorhead AI Editor is not included


Known issues:

The tools menu does not inlclude Motorhead Server Monitor.

Sometimes the About box is wrong

The URL is wrong