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    Here's a list of the features:

Motorhead Tools 2002 include 10 powerful tools and a great help system:

  1. Ghost Editor
  2. AI Editor
  3. Car Editor
  4. Server Editor
  5. Bookmark Editor
  6. Control Editor
  7. Horn Editor
  8. Server Monitor
  9. FineTuner
  10. Engineer
  11. HelpCentral

Ghost Editor is used to open Motorhead Ghost files, view and change their information, and organizing your ghosts.

AI Editor is one of our favorites. Tweaking Motorhead's AI files, it makes Motorhead funnier and more enjoyable.

Car Editor can make a car look exactly like an other one, without changing it's physics.

Server Editor will help you create your own server providing you a simple interface and simple descriptions of each command.

Bookmark Editor will be your server bookmark organizer. You can edit an existing server bookmark or create as many new ones as you want.

Control Editor gives you access to many hidden features. You can now change all the keys you use in Motorhead and create or edit control layouts.

Horn Editor enables you to create your own horns, or even rename and modify existing horns.

Server Monitor is a powerful tool that will help you spy on the Motorhead servers and alert you when a player gets online.

FineTuner will help you set up Motorhead by giving you many options and customization features.

Engineer will always be there when you need his help. When you have problems with Motorhead files, you can simply install, uninstall, clean up or reinstall Motorhead.

HelpCentral is our help system. You can get many kinds of information, be it the version numbers, the installed tools, the manual... If you are still stuck somewhere you can go online and search through the FAQ (under construction) and our support (final release). Then you can contact us personally. You can either send us an e-mail or feedback using our sites feedback section.