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Motorhead Ghost Editor

  1. What's the use of Ghost Editor?

  2. I have many ghosts. How do I organize them?

  3. What happens when I change the track?

  4. Can I put any horn name?

  5. How do I change the ghost file's colors?

Motorhead AI Editor

  1. What is AI Editor for?

  2. I don't understand the "tweaking methods". What are they?

  3. Why should I tweak the AI files?

  4. Is there a possibility for Motorhead not to work?

  5. How can I restore my Motorhead files?

Motorhead Car Editor

  1. What car Car Editor do?

  2. Can it cause errors?

  3. Why should I switch car skins?

  4. How can I restore my original cars?

  5. Can I change the cars' name or characteristics?

Motorhead Horn Editor

  1. Why use Horn Editor?

  2. Can I use any sound file I want?

  3. What are the volume and pitch change?

  4. How can I restore Motorhead in case an error comes up?

  5. Why isn't it recommended to change a horn's pitch or volume change values?

Motorhead Server Editor

  1. What's Server Editor's purpose?

  2. Why should I choose to create a server with it?

  3. Are any options hidden from the user?

  4. How do I log races to a file?

  5. What are the server flags?

Motorhead Bookmark Editor

  1. What is so special about Bookmark Editor?

  2. Why use it?

  3. How can I create a new bookmark?

  4. What if a server's IP changes?

  5. What are the other types of server?

Motorhead Control Editor

  1. What's Control Editor's use?

  2. Why should I prefer it?

  3. What's the RearMirror feature?

  4. Are the function keys adjustable?

  5. Why do I have to select a control from a list?

Motorhead FineTuner

  1. What is FineTuner for?

  2. Why is it better than simple file editing?

  3. How do I create a new profile?

  4. Can I make some changes on an existing one?

  5. Why should I be careful with some options?

Motorhead Engineer

  1. What's Engineer's whole idea?

  2. Why should I use it?

  3. Is it safe to use it?

  4. Why is there an uninstall feature?

  5. What if I experience weird problems?