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Motorhead Ghost Editor

  1. What's the use of Ghost Editor?

Ghost Editor can help you organize your ghost files, by editing your colors, player info and car. This is very helpful when you make ghosts with numerous color schemes.

  1. I have many ghosts. How do I organize them?

You first need to know what you want them to be. Then you start opoening them and editing them one by one. When you are finished, you will have a nice collection of same player and same colored ghosts.

  1. What happens when I change the track?

When you change the track, Motorhead places all the car objects on another stage. This creates a total chaos, and of course, it is not recommended to change it. If however you want to experiment go ahead and change it... It's only there for fun and potential. 

  1. Can I put any horn name?

Almost any horn name. In previous versions of Motorhead Tools 2002 it was possible to use double backslash. That could cause Horn Editor read the horn file wrong. Now, in the new upcoming version, Alpha 9.0 many fields are restricted to the valid characters. For example, now a horn name can't have double backslash. When the user types a backslash, the programs disable a second one.

  1. How do I change the ghost file's colors?

It can be done in two ways. When you open a ghost file, you get a summary of the ghost file... You can just click on the colors to change them right away. If this way confuses you, you can use the second way. Assuming you have opened a ghost file, you should select "Edit Colors" and then click on the colors to change them.


Motorhead AI Editor

  1. What is AI Editor for?

When you race against the computer, all the other cars are controlled by the computer... But how can a computer handle cars? Simply it can't. It follows the directions of a file called Artificial Intelligence, telling the computer "how to drive"...

  1. I don't understand the "tweaking methods". What are they?

There are two tweaking methods used by AI Editor. The first one, Speed Maniacs makes the cars drive opposite and this way there is fun when you hit them. The second way is to make the cars hit themselves and hit walls... It's like telling them to drive as they would do if they were driving in an other track... This way they follow the other directions causing them to crash all the time.

  1. Why should I tweak the AI files?

Well, the first reason you should tweak the AI files is in order to have more fun... Many players find it so easy to beat the AI cars, so the game get boring... Now you can have fun while making a ghost with some lunatic cars chasing you or trying to avoid crashing them when they hit walls... The second reason is for those who can win the league because they don't have a good frame rate or they are too lousy...

  1. Is there a possibility for Motorhead not to work?

In some earlier version which some might remember, there was a possibility to make Motorhead not to load correctly... But even then, the program had a Restore feature to prevent malfunctions... The same feature is included now to ensure Motorhead run as smooth as possible.

  1. How can I restore my Motorhead files?

In case something goes wrong, you will be able to restore the AI files by selecting the Restore menu and then choosing the tracks to restore.


Motorhead Car Editor

  1. What does car Car Editor do?

Car Editor can make a car have an other one's look. This does not affect it's physics or gear number... Only look is affected. This means that you can have fro example a Dominator with Serpent look. You may like this especially because smaller cars are usually better. Imagine a Adder MK 2 with Venom's power!

  1. Can it cause errors?

Errors can be rarely caused, but Car Editor is made to get pass them and do what it is supposed to do. If however an error occurs, you can restore the car(s) affected and get the problem fixed.

  1. Why should I switch car skins?

As I mentioned before, smaller cars might be better for some sorts of tracks, were size matters when hitting walls and stuff... So using Adder MK 2's skin on Dominator on Redrock may provide you with some more potential.

  1. How can I restore my original cars?

You select the Restore feature and check the cars you want to be restored to default. It's very easy to restore them and start all over again.

  1. Can I change the cars' name or characteristics?

Unfortunately you can't, since the car's name and physics are "hidden" in a few .myo files located in every car's folder.

Motorhead Horn Editor

  1. Why use Horn Editor?

  2. Can I use any sound file I want?

  3. What are the volume and pitch change?

  4. How can I restore Motorhead in case an error comes up?

  5. Why isn't it recommended to change a horn's pitch or volume change values?

Motorhead Server Editor

  1. What's Server Editor's purpose?

  2. Why should I choose to create a server with it?

  3. Are any options hidden from the user?

  4. How do I log races to a file?

  5. What are the server flags?

Motorhead Bookmark Editor

  1. What is so special about Bookmark Editor?

  2. Why use it?

  3. How can I create a new bookmark?

  4. What if a server's IP changes?

  5. What are the other types of server?

Motorhead Control Editor

  1. What's Control Editor's use?

  2. Why should I prefer it?

  3. What's the RearMirror feature?

  4. Are the function keys adjustable?

  5. Why do I have to select a control from a list?

Motorhead FineTuner

  1. What is FineTuner for?

  2. Why is it better than simple file editing?

  3. How do I create a new profile?

  4. Can I make some changes on an existing one?

  5. Why should I be careful with some options?

Motorhead Engineer

  1. What's Engineer's whole idea?

  2. Why should I use it?

  3. Is it safe to use it?

  4. Why is there an uninstall feature?

  5. What if I experience weird problems?