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    The first tools were created by Capelle and Raptor although currently the team is bigger. Creating 10 tools is not easy. But we would like to thank some people who helped us. A big "thank you" goes out to Vidar Nygren of Digital Illusions for helping us with the UDP package (used in Motorhead Server Monitor) and answering to millions of questions... (some of them were really stupid :-)). A special "thanks" to CoolDude, who mentioned the magic word "server monitor". The truth is that without that post, we would never create a server monitor. CoolDude is now one of our premium testers because of his brilliant ideas. We would also like to thank Spark for the web-hosting and his help, and welcome ChacaL to the Motorhead Tools 2002 Team.

    The tools were created on two programming platforms, although the installation procedure is the one which ships with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Some of the tools are created in Borland Delphi 5 making a great (and really funny) combination. We might use C++ as well, since Spark knows C++.

    Salutes to: Digital Illusions CE AB, Microsoft, Borland, the great Motorhead Community, the genius who invented ICQ (!), all the music bands we heard to and all our friends and enemies (:-D).

    Food: Pizza and Souvlakis

    Drinks: Coke and Beer

    Music: Chemical Brothers, Five, Planet Funk, REM, Chumbawamba, Boston, Antique, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, U2